Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Menu Planning

I started menu planning for the month of October and I have already failed. I do not have the ingredients for anything I have on the menu for the next 3 days and I didn't have anything on the menu at all for last night and tonight. Menu planning is hard and takes so much time. I am wondering if it's worth it. Someone please tell me it is!


coco-ono said...

Menu planning IS a lot of work. But its also soo worth it. Its all that work 1 time a month instead of each and every night.

When I plan I make 3 lists. 1 list of dinners, 5 for every week since we always end up doing leftovers or sandwiches or going out or SOMETHING twice a week.

My other 2 lists I make at the same time and its ingredients I need to make those dinners. The first list is the stuff that I can buy at the beginning of the month because it will last all month long (dry goods for example). The second is the perishables for the second two weeks that I have to wait halfway thru the month to buy (veggies, more milk, ect).

I still run out of dinners a few days early from time to time, or I forget an ingredient, especially as the month drags on but I LOOOOOVE monthly planning. It really works once you get used to it! Good luck!

Holly said...

Thank you Courtney, you are so very helpful, always! I appreciate it!

Annali said...

It IS worth it! Like Courtney, I make several lists - my menu, plus everything I need to make my menu. I do all the shopping at once (of course, I will return to get perishables as needed). You can't menu plan without a big trip to the grocery store!

Kim said...

I've been going through this lately too. It's so hard! I'm determined to do it though. So Courtney and Annali's advice really helps. I somehow ended up putting too much thought into it and yet not enough. Ugh. I'll be trying again starting next week! Good luck!