Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Cuteness!

I have been slacking in the blog area but I have been quite productive in the money making area as I have been working EVERY day! So to make up for my blogging absence I will now load you with pictures, cute pictures might I add. They are totally random and in order of most recent. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Doing it this way was much easier than individual posts and I just needed to get you all caught up. So enjoy!

This last weekend we went to Greenbluff, a local farm that hosts a Harvest Festival every year. Greenbluff is my favorite thing to do in the month of October. They have delicious pumpkin donuts, made fresh right there as they are ordered practically, they have the best apple cider, they make the "fresh" apple cider you get from the grocery store taste pretty nasty. There a various farms around with HUGE pumpkin patches. We didn't go pick pumpkins this year because we will be doing that some where else this weekend. They did have what thehy called Pumpkin Land. We walked Lily over to that and she really liked the pumpkins. We were not at Greenbluff long because it was freezing! Lily's face turned bright red. After we stood in line for our donuts, stood in line for our cider, ate a donut, and played at pumpkin land we headed home. It was short and sweet!

Even though we were not there long, Lily still got tired and fell asleep on the way home.

She rode in this car at the hospital while she was waiting to have her second eye procedure. She hated getting out of it, LOVED being in it. Now she sees them at the grocery store, you know the ones that are attached to the carts and has to ride in them. She's so cute and looks so big!

The lighting stinks but this has got to be the cutest couple of pictures ever! Lily loves Peaches, our Boston Terrier, and Peaches loves her. They truly look like best friends here.

First carousel ride. This was in Seattle right by the Space Needle. She actually didn't like the carousel. I thought she might because she pointed in excitement when she saw it.

Check out the hair!

At the UW campus. She is so prestigious, can you tell?

Taking charge of the Red Square with her Uncle Matt! I think she is ready to by a Husky! Maybe I should fill out the application for her. I am sure she would get in, just look at her, she is brilliant!

Playing at the park.

I love my Lily and I hope you love her too!


Kim said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you and Lily in Seattle!

Anonymous said...

A Husky? Really? :) What about a Cougar?

Holly said...

I just said Husky because we were at the U of W campus. I think UW is a more prestigious college than WSU but, as long as she goes somewhere and is serious about getting a college education I will support wherever she chooses to go.

Anonymous said...

U of W more prestigious? I beg to differ. Yale or Harvard, yes. I mean Will went to WSU & I think he is AMAZINGLY smart! Love you Lolly!


Holly said...

Hahaha! I had no idea who you were anonymous. But yes of course Yale, Harvard, Berkley etc are more prestigious, I was just comparing between UW and WSU. Will is smart but I don't think smartness has to do with what college you went to. I am thinking more a long the lines of reputation and respectable if she were to become a doctor or a lawyer to support her parents. Have you been to the UW campus? It's amazing and I only saw the outside!

Anonymous said...

I can't grace UW with my presence. You know Cougars don't like huskies.:) If she is going to be a Lawyer then it is Gonzaga. If she is going to be a Dr then it should be University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill. Only the best for our Lily! :) I thought with the Anonymous response it would throw you off. Glad you found it funny.

Holly said...

Actually, UW is known to have a better law school program than Gonzaga. Ahahaha! I would love for her to go to one of the Ivy league schools but can't afford to send her to St. Georges which is where she would have to start her education if she wanted to set off in the Ivy League. I am sure she will find this ranting back and forth humorous when she gets older. She's going to say bahaha fooled both of you I am joining the peace core!

Marcie said...

The Peace Corp would not be a bad adventure. She would see the world and gain a valuable education that a college can't teach her.

Holly said...

Isn't that the truth! We finally agree on something! Yay! Ahahaha!