Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolution #1

As I mentioned some of my resolutions require a little more detail in hopes of gaining some accountability from my readers. So, I'm going to elaborate on my resolutions one at a time.

Cultivating my relationship with Christ:

Since having a husband it had been so easy to depend on him for many of my needs. As I do not have a husband, at least not one that is living with me and providing for me, I have to meet my needs in other areas. This is only going to be through putting my faith in God. I believe that things will work out but, I believe it is through God that everything does work out. Everything is going to work out according to His plan and I need to show God how grateful I am for His blessings. I need to continually seek the Lord through the good and the bad and rely solely on Him. I want to be rich in knowledge of the word. I know a lot of the bible but, I'm not good at telling where exactly a verse is found. I want to submerge myself in God's word and live prayerfully. I have done a good job at living prayerfully in some ways but, I've done a terrible job at designating prayer time. I'm always shooting up "arrow" prayers throughout the day. I want to have deliberate, alone time with God every single day along with the "arrow" prayers. So, my hope is to get up a bit earlier, before Lily wakes and spend the time with the Lord. Since I won't be able to get to the gym in the mornings any more because I obviously can't leave my child home alone I think this is the perfect time. Plus, I want to take with me through the day what I've read and learned in God's word that morning instead of taking what I learned to bed with me at night. I think I will be more equipped to go through my day having started it out with alone time with God. I usually forget what I've read if I read it right before bed. I'm also going to keep a journal of what I read and my prayers as well. I want to pray for others more actively as well. So, if you have a prayer, please let me know and I will pray it with you.

I want to be a better steward in every aspect of my life. Part of this is being generous of my time, money, and talents. I will seek out ways I can be generous each month.

One thing about being a follower of Christ, you are constantly growing your relationship. So, while these are my immediate goals, I will not stop here.

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