Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolution #2:

Meet the second half of my weight loss goal.

I have already lost 45 pounds. I know I gained some holiday weight and have been too afraid to get on the scale to see how much. So I have 35 to 40 more pounds to go until I reach my ultimate weight loss goal. My goal is to weigh 135 pounds. The last time I weighed 135 pounds I was a freshmen in high school. That was FOURTEEN years ago! I've been asked by a few people if I'm sure 135 is what I want to weigh and that maybe I will be content with weighing 150. I don't want to settle for something. I want to get to my best and be my best. If I stop at 150 I will know I can do more and also it will be bordering the second half of the 100s and I don't want to go there again. I want to be confident with my weight number and also I want to leave room for my time of the month when the scale goes up. I don't want to feel guilty about the monthly increase in weight and I know that if I stop before I've reached my goal I will feel guilty about any change in the scale. Plus, it seems as though I've spent my life settling for less than I desire, not quite meeting all of my goals and THAT has not proven successful for me.

How will I lose the rest of the weight? Well, starting in January, I will only be buying and eating non-processed foods. There are a few exceptions like, rice. I have a LOT of rice that I have to eat. But, my diet will consist of vegetables, fruits both fresh and frozen, beans, rice, eggs, healthy oils, and nuts. Lily will also eat this diet. I will have bread, cheese and yogurt for her but, I will no longer make separate meals for her to eat when it's just the 2 of us. It will be balanced so, she will get all of the nutrients she needs. Don't worry about that. Since I will be eating clean I'm not going to calorie count. I think that as long as I am meeting my nutritional needs and not eat the "bad" stuff I won't have to calorie count. I've gotten pretty good at portion control.

I will be going to the gym directly after work Monday through Friday. It will be a nice transition piece to switch from work mode to mom at home mode. My work out will continue the way it has been. Custom made workouts by my trainer. When my training is up, which it will be soon, I will just go back and do some of the old workouts. I've also committed to doing 150 crunches every day. I did my first 150 yesterday and it wasn't too bad. But, that's all I did. I pair my workouts with running for my cardio. I'm also going to go to yoga every other week. I don't want to commit to every week because I'm doing it Tuesday evening when Lily is with her father and am also dedicating Tuesday nights to ME time. I won't have time in each month to do ALL I want to do if I go to yoga EVERY Tuesday. In the Spring, Lily and I will begin running outside. Her in the jogger and me behind pushing. Our new house is close to some good running trails, one along the river. I'm pretty excited to get outside and run since I didn't do much of that last summer. This fall, I want to actually run that half that I was talking about doing. As the weather warms up we will be spending a great deal of time outside doing yard work, swimming, going to Silverwood (local theme park), playing, just being active in the outdoors. That will help keep the calories burning. For Christmas my mom is going to fix up my bike. She's going to put new tires on it and make sure it's safe to ride. The jogger we have is also one that attaches to the back of the bike so, we will be able to do some bike riding as well. So, between running, biking, and swimming depending on how it all goes I might decide to train for a triathlon for the following summer. That's dreaming big though and I don't want to get too far ahead of myself.

I'm super excited for the kick-off of the healthiest year yet for my physical self. Here's to wearing a 2 piece for the first time in a long time this Summer. That's my hope anyway.

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Thanks for the comment :) I use to live at Azteca all last year I swear..nachos and quesadillas :)