Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolution #3

Stick to a Schedule.

I've created a schedule to follow. This is more of a guideline but, it will allow me to encompass all of the things I am passionate about. In many ways, I will have more time now that I am without a husband. (This post is more for my benefit than yours.)
  • I will first start with Tuesdays. Tuesday, Lily is with her father. So, twice a month I will be going to yoga and spending the remainder of the evening home, enjoying some quality "ME" time; once a month I will be having a craft night with a friend or two or more; and the other Tuesday a month I will go out with friends, if I can find friends to go out with. I am certain that won't be a problem though. Taco Tuesday anyone?
  • Daily I will go to the gym right after work; before picking up Lily. I will spend an hour at the gym. This will help me emotionally. I've been feeling angry at times and I think this will help release my anger and keep my emotions in check during the remainder of the evenings when I am with Lily. Also, this will ensure that I keep up on my health resolution to lose the rest of the weight and just be, overall, a nice transition from work mode to mommy mode.
  • Wednesdays, and Thursdays after I pick up Lily we will make and eat dinner, clean up dinner, and then do an activity together. Our activities will range in subject but, we will do something a bit different each day of the week. At 7 we will start cleaning up and getting ready for bed and at 7:30 we will have our nightly reading of books and prayer time and then at 8, it will be lights out. After Lily goes to bed I will have 2 hours to spend to myself. I will spend some of the time working on a craft and some of the time reading. I have 2 shows that I will watch online. Reading and crafts will both be done after any messes that didn't get cleaned up, get cleaned up. My biggest goal for my home will be to keep it clean.
  • Mondays we will have Life Group which is Bible Study small group in the evening. For the month of January it will be Mondays. After January, it may switch. Then my Monday schedule would just switch with the alternate day.
  • Fridays will be similar to other evenings I have with Lily only instead of 7:30 bed time that follows the activity we will have movie night. Where we will pop popcorn and watch a movie in mommy's bed. I'm really looking forward to Friday nights with Lily!
  • Every other weekend Lily will be with her father. On the weekends Lily is with her father I will spend my time deep cleaning specific areas of my house and either a craft or as the weather warms up and outdoor activity. I want to find a community service project that I can get involved in once a month as well during my "off" weekends. Weekends Lily is with me we will spend quality time together. Starting with a yummy breakfast and just play time of Lily's choice. I have to work at 3 every Saturday and Sunday. So, my weekend time with Lily is limited. Sundays are dedicated to church and now to work. I volunteer in the nursery at church every other weekend so I have that commitment. Church will be over then we will head home for lunch and nap and then it will be time for work. When family comes into town we will, of course, make time for them and include them in our weekend day of fun, quality time.
  • Daily, I will wake up a half hour earlier everyday to spend time in prayer and reading God's word. I will also do 150 crunches everyday in addition to my workout routine at the gym.
I think that about covers it. My time will be very purposeful but, also very simple. I'm also not so SET on absolutely following this because, I know that life happens and I don't want to feel frustrated when something doesn't go according to plan. I'm a pretty flexible person for the most part. But, I'm trying to find balance. I also need to learn to say no when what I'm being asked doesn't meet the goals of my own family. I feel like I haven't given my own family the attention it has needed. Which may be the cause of my husband's affair. He does say that I cared too much about my friends than I did about him. I've always put Lily first but, maybe I was lacking in the attention I gave to him. It is hard to give someone attention when you know their heart has left you but, it was still my job as a spouse. Maybe I would have been able to bring him back before it got to be as bad as it was. I don't know. I do know that reasoning with myself over the decision I made won't change it. What he did was still wrong and he didn't tell me he felt this way until after it was all said and done. I wasn't given the opportunity to fix anything and for that, there isn't anything I could have done. I, truly, didn't know. Anyhow, this year is dedicated to my daughter and myself. This is the year to rediscover who I am. I am greatly looking forward to it.

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Kim said...

I'm trying to find some more routine in my life too this year! Here's hoping we can both do it! And I am up for your Tuesday night out! Count me in! :)