Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Each day has been something new. Some days are great and some days are really hard. I cherish the good days. Like this past of the best days I've had in a long time! Lily and I spent the entire day together. We woke up and just spent the morning bumming around the house, went grocery shopping, went to the pet store and looked at all of the animals then finally took home 2 fish and 2 snails. Then, we spent the remainder of the day in the kitchen preparing dinner and dessert for small group. We didn't do anything spectacular, except for bringing home new pets. What made it so great was the TIME. It seems like we rarely get time and when we do it's rushed or spent trying to take care of business. We had just spent the weekend apart and it was so nice to spend time together. As hard as it is being away from her, it's such a joy to come back with her. Seeing her after she's with her dad is like seeing her for the first time. I'm overcome with love, adoration, and joy when I see that precious face of hers. I'm also refreshed with patience and I feel like I can be a better mom-times 50! I'm trying to turn things around and look at the blessings that are coming out of this. That's the only way I'm going to come out on top with a smile on my face.

There are a few bloggers out there right now that are doing a project of finding joy. I'm going to participate. I'm not going to shoot for a certain number of "joys". I'm just going to begin incorporating "joys" into my posts.

1. Cuddling with Lily on days we can sleep in.
2. Baking one last apple crisp for the winter season.
3. Baking for the first time in my new kitchen.
4. Dancing around the house with Lily.
5. Breaking bread with great friends.
6. Meeting new people.
7. Running into old friends.
8. Great friends who are willing to come over and fix things at my house.
9. Knowing that people love me and are there for me.
10. Newly accepting that love.
11. Discovering that I can use my situation to help others through theirs.
12. Covered parking and not having to scrape.
13. Having a mom who continually supports me and helps me with all my needs.
14. Finding hope in a fresh start.
15. Hearing my daughter tell me over and over that she loves me.

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bdayley said...

totally awesome! I luv days when you don't have to do anything or be anywhere.. you can just.. BE :)